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john’s not getting any?

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doors open from both sides

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Right then… into battle

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*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*

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You know how many times I’ve called my mom a bitch or a hoe in my life?

Not one goddamn time what the fuck is wrong with these kids

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John Watson + Inebriation

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Is there anything you geek out over the way other people geek out about you?


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deep conversations with open minded people are my most favorite things ever

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C  H A R A C T E R   D E V E L O P M E N T

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Heaven HELP ME with that SEX STRIDE!  Even the passer-by wants to RUN OVER and EAT YOU, Benedict!


Heaven HELP ME with that SEX STRIDE!  Even the passer-by wants to RUN OVER and EAT YOU, Benedict!

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Dead Poets Society (1989)

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Sherlock awkwardly comforting other humans = <3

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You don't tell him.
You don't tell John.

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England: colour
America: color
England: humour
America: humor
England: flavour
America: flavor
England: what are you doing
America: getting rid of u lmao

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